Desktop, laptop and Tab Service Center In Chennai


Desktop, laptop and Tab Services In Chennai

MacBook and Apple Computer Repair

MacBook and Apple computer repair, gives you the best repair service at affordable prices. We fix every product of MacBook and Apple computers including notebook, desktop MacBook air, MacBook Pro etc.

Laptop Hardware Repair

Laptop hardware repair had been crashing your system continuously. We provide you the best repair service for all types of laptop hardware repair at low prices.

Broken Laptop Screen Repair

Broken laptop screen repair services are looking to repair your broken laptop screen. Bane of laptop users, crashed screens can occur if you drop, sit on or even just grip the screen too lightly.

Laptop Selection and Installation

Laptop selection and installation help you to select and suggest any type of laptop brands and then install it with all your resources.

Laptop USB Headphone Jack Repair

Laptop USB and headphone jack repair will be done here for every laptop could plug in USB cables and headphones. The jacks where these cables plug in can become loose or just stop working. We can help remove the broken parts and replace it with brand new working parts for the selected laptops.

Battery Life Improvements

Battery life improvements to your laptop run out of juice before you can get anything done? We can look at your options based on the selected type of laptop you have and configure the system to run at its best to keep you up and running for as long as possible.

Missing or Broken Keyboard

Missing or broken keyboard plays an important role on your keyboard? A missing, broken, or sticky key on the keyboard which can lead too much frustration and lost productivity. We can help you to find the right part to replace what's not working correctly on your keyboard.

Power Jack Repair

Power jack repair laptop needs a power cable. The jack where you plug in the power cable can come loose from the soldering on the motherboard, making it impossible to charge your battery or to even use your laptop.

Wireless Configuration and Troubleshooting

Wireless configuration and troubleshooting part you need any help for setting up a wireless network. So, you can use your laptop on the couch while channel surfing? We can help you to set up a new router or configure and troubleshoot an existing router to make your laptop talk to every other device on the network.

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